• Choreographer and Dancer in Cairo, Egypt

    December 2015

    Choreographed and danced in front of the Gyza Pyramids for the Al Ahly National Soccer Team Launch Party.
  • Hamburg, Germany

    September 2015

    Choreographed and danced for opening Gala night for Holiday on Ice.
  • Sea World

    August 2015

    Some pictures from the Sea World show staring the Groovaloos

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  • iLuminate Vs Storm Troopers

    May 2015

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    An interesting encounter with the Storm Troopers in Las Vegas.
  • Choreographer for EMC World 2015 - Las Vegas

    May 2015

    Choreographed and danced 3 opening numbers for the EMC World 2015 with iLuminate.
  • Handball Championship Opening Ceremony - Qatar

    January 2015

    Choreographed ILuminate's performance in the Opening Ceremony.
  • Consultant Choreographer for "The Fosters" TV Show

    December 2014

    Cristina was the consultant choreographer for ABC Family's "The Fosters" TV Show.
  • Cristina social media meme

    September 2014

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    "Don't focus on what's NOT happening in your life. Focus on what IS happening!" - Cristina
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  • NEW VIDEOS in Gallery!

    August 2014

    Featuring cultural icon, Toni Basil, and international choreographer, Sho-Tyme!!!
    Check the Gallery Page under Videos!
  • Teaching in Mexico City

    August 2014

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  • New Choreography Reel!!

    August 2014

  • New World Resort - Singapore

    December 2013

    New Years Eve performance at New World Resort with iLuminate
  • Janelle Monae and Beyonce

    July 2013

    Choreographed and danced for Coca Cola opening for Janelle Monae and Beyonce at the Essesnce Festival in New Orleans
  • Alienware

    June 2013

    Choreographed and performed with iLuminate for Alienware
  • "Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde"

    April 2013

    Choreographed and performed with iLuminate for the hit national TV show in Paris "Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde"
  • Capital Cities "Safe & Sound"

    March 2013

    Cristina performed as a dancer in the music video "Safe & Sound" by Capital Cities choreographed by Mandi Moore
  • Choreographed Nike Corporate Event (Amsterdam)

    January 2013

    Choreographed Nike corporate event in Amsterdam, Netherland for iLuminate
  • Choreographed Kids Inaugural Concert hosted by Michelle Obama

    January, 2013

    Cristina's choreography on the hit song "Glad you came" from The Wanted was performed by iLuminate in DC during Michelle Obama's Inaugural children's concert, along with Usher, Katy Perry, Alicia Keys, Far East Movement and The Cast of Glee!!
  • Choreographed opening number for Nike

    November, 2012

    Corporate event in Tarragona, Spain
  • Performed in Madrid for the hit TV show GUASAPP

    September, 2012

    Performed 3 numbers for Spain's national television program
  • Choreographed new number for Iluminate

    July, 2012

    New choreography for Iluminate
  • Married in Italy :)

    June, 2012

    Cristina married Brian beee Bello, in her hometown of Verona, Italy
  • Choreographer for Meital Dohan

    January-May, 2012

    Live performances
  • Worldwide Tour with Iluminate

    January-December, 2012

    American and European tour
  • Performed for David Guetta

    March, 2012

    Performing with Iluminate @ the Winter Music Conference in Miami
  • Winner of Toronto 2v2 All Styles Battle

    July 31, 2011

    Cristina won the Gadfly Anniversary 3 2v2 All Styles Battle in Toronto with BBoy Mariano (Bag of Trix)
  • Britney Spears

    Recently assistant choreographer (Kevin Maher) "Womanizer" for the Femme Fatale Tour Britney Spears 2011 Tour